Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1st Annual ITL Home Run Derby

Nate Bertolino of the Manchester Mariners took home the crown in the first annual ITL Home Run Derby. Of the field of twenty five only three remained to see the 3^rd and final round: Pat Doyle of the Beverly Giants, Tom Razdim of the Ipswich Chiefs, and Bertolino. Doyle was up first but could not replicate his performance of earlier rounds. Fatigue was setting in and he was not able to register a HR in the finals. Razdim was the first to strike and put the pressure on Bertolino by sending 4 over the fence. Needing five for the win, Bertolino was able to deliver with 6 HR in his finals effort, most of the mammoth variety. Bertolino hit a total of 14 HR’s on the day. All in all it was a great event with a big turnout of league players and fans. See you again next year!

Bonus Report:

The 1st ITL HR Derby was a huge success as a turnout of about 25 players participated in the event at Patton Park, in Hamilton with Manchester’s Nate Bertolino edging out Ipswich’s Tommy Radzim in the Final Round to take home the trophy. With the exception of Rowley, a few members from all the teams entered the $10 fundraiser that was watched by teammates and diehard ITL fans. In the first round, only 5 of the 25 players that participated hit homeruns as many players complained of the baseball’s being too soft and too difficult to hit em’ out. But, Bertolino whacked 5 homers in the 1st round to lead the way with Ipswich’s Radzim, Dave Shoreman, Beverly’s Pat Doyle and Hamilton’s Jim Maloney all hitting 1 HR each. The top 4 would advance to the 2nd round but since there was a 4-way tie for 2nd, they all got a chance to advance. A new set of balls were used for Round 2 and it seemed to benefit the remaining 5 sluggers as each hit at least 1 homer. But Bertolino jacked 3, while Radzim and Doyle each hit 2 each to all advance to the Finals. In the Finals, each player’s homerun totals went back to zero. Doyle went homerless but a nice battle went on with Radzim and Bertolino. With Chris Lane of Ipswich pitching, Radzim stung 4 HR’s to LF in a solid showing and put the pressure on Bertolino. However, Bertolino was unfazed by the previous homers as he went yard 6 times off fellow teammate Bryan Lafata, absolutely crushing a few balls off the willow tree in left and splashing the pond with a few bombs. Good performance by all 3 Finalist’s and congrats again to Nate Bertolino for winning this year’s 2006 ITL Homerun Derby on a spectacular August afternoon.