Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ITL Loses Past President : Sherman Spur

It is with deep regret to inform the ITL community of the passing of past ITL President Sherman Spur. Sherm has been living in York Maine and has been ill for some time. There are no arrangements at this time. In lieu of flowers the league will be sending a donation to Hospice in York Maine at his wife Mary's request.

"Sherm was more than a friend he was more like a brother. We always agreed that it was all right to not agree on everything , but to listen to the other and do what was for the best in the end. We allowed each other to be HIS OWN MAN and still liked each other anyway, THAT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY! Although he was not a great athlete himself, he was a lover of good sports and good sportsmanship. Sherm always stood up for the underdogs, both in people and in teams. We will never know all that he did in his many years as I.T.L. President , the teams and people that he helped in their times of need, both in donations and other things . The League has lost a good friend in Sherm Spur, and I have lost a Great friend."

Cal Grimes past President ITL Baseball

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Sherm Spur. He spent many summers over looking the ITL. Although you may not have seen him at games, he was always working behind the scenes to make sure every team able to play. As I moved up the ranks in the league Sherm was always there for moral support. I will miss him dearly."

Terry Poste Mansfield President ITL Baseball