Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Derby Event

There is an upcoming fund raising effort for the John Ryan Pike Foundation that may be of interest to you. John was a great guy, talented musician, baseball lover and great friend to everyone he met. Please visit www.sticksman.org for more information about his memorial foundation.

Event Info:
Saturday, May 31st
@ Patton Park (Rt. 1A)
Hamilton, MA 01982

Basically the event is a HR derby type thing. Baseball experience or talent is not a necessity so the players of the ITL should have some sort of advantage. Each participant will get 7 swings. Depending on where the ball lands on the field points will be awarded accordingly. A HR will be worth the most points, but you can score something for every hit. Each team will have 4 players, the team with the most points will win the event. There will also be music, food, other games, and lots of hanging out going on. Basically the event is to just get people together and have a good time.
More information and online registration for this event can be found at:


Get your team together as this event is right around the corner!