Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brent Currier Wins 3rd ITL HR Derby

Brent Currier of the Rockport Townies was able to defeat M/E Mariners' Nate Bertolino in the derby finals 4-3. Currier hit a 3-round total of 15 HR's, two short of the Derby record. Overall, 32 players made up the field with Currier able to take home the crown.

All ITL teams were represented in the 3rd annual ITL Home Run Derby. 32 current players rounded out the field vying for the Leo J. Marino Trophy. After a slow start in round 1 the field quickly was reduced to 5 players to start round 2. Brent Currier, Nate Bertolino, Rory Gentile, Jered Stewart, & Rick Sotoropolous all made it to round 2.

Round 2 saw many willow tree and pond shots with Bertolino, Currier, & Stewart doing most of the damage. When the dust settled, Bertolino's 7 and Currier's 6 round two HR's put them in the finals.

Bertolino up first, was able to hit 3 more in the finals. Currier matched that plus one more to take the title. Bryan Lafata earned MVP honors for the day as he pitched to what seemed to be half the field, including both finalists.