Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alumni Kick Off Game

Kick off the 2010 ITL season on May, 22nd at Essex Memorial Field with the Annual Alumni Game. All former players of the ITL are encouraged to come, play, & enjoy the day. Last year was a great success and we are looking to expand this year. Batting practice from 12pm-1pm, and the game will start at 1pm. Renew some old rivalries, see some old friends, and kick off another season of ITL baseball in style.

2009 ITL season awards and all-stars will be announced at the end of the game. Current players should attend to support the league, meeting past players, & congratulate all the award winners.

Also, after the game there will be a small HR derby. One current player from each team will compete along with some willing alumni. Please help spread the word and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Want to play? Contact your team manager or email Terry at ( itlbaseball@yahoo.com ) to let us know. Thanks!