Monday, May 18, 2009

Kick Off Party / Alumni Game a Success

Thanks to everyone who attended the Kick Of Party and Alumni Game last Saturday. The Alumni team team gave a great effort, but was defeated by the current ITL player roster. Though that hardly seems important as a lot of fun was had by all and the game certainly included a lot of laughs. We look forward to a similar game next year. Be sure to check out all the new pictures (right) from the game.

2008 League Awards

MVP: Jim Maloney (Hamilton)
Cy Young: Steve Stout (Manchester-Essex)
Rookie of the Year: Koby Thibault (Rowley)
Home Runs: Derek Scialdone (Beverly)
RBI: Derek Scialdone (Beverly)
Average: Nate Bertolino (Manchester-Essex)
Stolen Bases: Rory Gentile (Manchester-Essex)
Playoff MVP: Jack Brancleone (Manchester-Essex)

2008 All-Stars

Steve Stout - M/E
Brian Vitale - H/W
Zach Lamkin - Top
Derek Scialdone - Bev
Dave SHoreman - Ips
Nate Bertolino - M/E
Jared Stewart - H/W
Brent Currier - Rock
Koby Tibeaut - Row
Jim Malloney - H/W
Doug Hittenger - Top
Dillon Durning - Ips
Rory Gentile - M/E
Joe Orlando - M/E
Jon Jackson - H/W
Matt Wile - Row