Monday, August 3, 2009

Stewart Takes Derby Crown

Jered Stewart of the Hamilton Generals took home the 4th Annual ITL HR Derby title. Stewart was able to beat out John Boyle of the Beverly Giants in the Final Round.

Bryan Lafata, Jered Stewart, John Boyle, Nate Bertolino, and Derek Scialdone all made it out of the first round. Scialdone was the round 1 leader with 3 HR. The wind certainly played a factor in the HR totals this year. In round two, Boyle errupted for 6 HR, giving him 8 total after the two rounds and moving him into the finals. Stewart, Bertolino, and Scaildone would all tie forcing a 5 swing playoff. Stewart was the only player to connect moving him into the final round.

In the Finals Stewart was able to put up 3 more HR. Boyle knocked two more, but came up short. Stewart is your 2009 ITL HR Derby Champ.

Judd Funchion won for Best Hat