Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Playoff Picture

Rowley:  With 36 points Rowley has clinched 1st Place.

Manchester:  With 29 points Manchester has clinched 2nd Place.

Beverly:  With 23 points Beverly has clinched 3rd Place.  Ipswich could still reach 23 points and tie Beverly, but Beverly holds the first tiebreaker which is Most Total Wins.

Hamilton:  With 20 points Hamilton currently sits in 4th Place but they do not control their own destiny.  Hamilton's final game is vs Manchester Thursday night.

Ipswich:  With 19 points Ipswich currently sits in 5th Place but they control their own destiny.  If Ipswich can finish 2-0 vs Rowley this week they will make the playoffs.  If they finish 0-2, Hamilton will make the playoffs.  And there remains the possibility of a tie for 4th and a one game playoff.

Topsfield:  Still alive, but a long shot.  Topsfield would need to go 5-0 and get help.  Three of those five games haven't even been scheduled yet.

Rockport:  Officially eliminated last night.  Rockport has 11 points and can only get to 19 points even if they win out, which wouldn't catch Hamilton.