Thursday, July 31, 2014

Playoff Picture

Rowley:  With 37 points Rowley has clinched 1st Place

Manchester:  With 29 points Manchester has clinched 2nd Place

Beverly:  With 24 points Beverly has clinched 3rd Place

Ipswich:  With 21 points Ipswich currently sits in 4th Place and controls their own fate.  Ipswich clinches a playoff spot if Hamilton loses to Manchester tonight OR if Ipswich can beat Rowley (Friday?) in their final regular season game.

Hamilton:  With 20 points Hamilton currently sits in 5th Place.  Hamilton needs to Win or Tie against Manchester in their regular season finale tonight to stay alive.  A Hamilton Win AND an Ipswich loss would clinch a playoff spot for Hamilton.

(Ties in either game would complicate things possibly leading to a one game playoff between Ipswich and Hamilton)

Topsfield:  With 12 points and 4 games remaining Topsfield is eliminated.  A maximum of 20 points isn't enough to crack the top 4.

Rockport:  With 11 points and 4 games remaining Rockport is eliminated.  A maximum of 19 points won't crack the top 4.