Monday, July 30, 2007

Topsfield Pitcher Struck by Line Drive, Full Recovery Expected

In a doubleheader swept by the Rockport Townies, baseball abruptly became an afterthought at Evans Field in Rockport Sunday evening. Topsfield Tories starting pitcher Matt Rogers was struck in the left eye by a screaming line drive, bringing immediate halt to the game and prompting emergency phone calls. Rogers, son of former Torie and ITL champion Mike Rogers, was initially attended to by local emergency response personnel. Soon thereafter, a MedFlight helicopter brought the eighteen year old directly to a Boston hospital from the ball field. As he was placed in the helicopter, Matt's teammates led the one hundred or so spectators and players in a rousing, stirring cheer of support.

The league distributed news to its members today regarding Matt's status, with permission to report this information on this site. He suffered two broken bones in the left eye socket, a bruised retina and received four stitches to his eyelid. He was released from the hospital around 5AM, and is expected to make a full recovery. Throughout the morning, ITL members were burning up the lines of communication to spread word of the accident and seek updates; the good news was met with much relief throughout the North Shore.

Without question, all members of the ITL have had Matt, his parents and associates of the Topsfield Tories in their thoughts throughout the day. We all wish Matt the fastest and most complete recovery possible!!