Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chiefs 5 - Rams 3

The Chiefs added another W into the win column last night with a fine pitching performance from David Shoreman who went the distance letting up just 2 earned runs, and scattering just a couple hits.

The Chiefs offense was set by Ryan Montecalvo and Tomasz Radzim who were both 2-3 at the plate, and 2 RBI's a piece. Matt Lane also knocked in a run on a basehit down the right field line. Kevin Michael was also 2-3 in the Chiefs win. Dylan Durning walked three times tonight. The Chiefs are playing good ball offensivly and defensivly with the middle combanation of Montecalvo and Anthony Hernendez were solid. Centerfielder Tom Radzim stated after the game "We all looked great out there today."

The Rams will be back at the Reservation Tuesday night for a make-up game. And Wednesday the Chiefs will be traveling to Rowley.