Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chiefs 2 - Mariners 0

The fans at Linebrook Park Monday night saw a fantastic game which saw solid pitching from both sides, stellar defense, and some late inning heroics.

Chris Lane (W 7IP, 2H, 6K,2BB) took the mound for the Chiefs, and was able to perserve the 2 hit shut-out, with some of the best defense the Chiefs have played in a long time. Ryan Montecalvo, Matt Lane, and Ant Hernandez all contributed with fantastic plays in the field. With Lane going into the third base line fence to make a sprawling catch. Manchester not to be undone made some fantastic plays of thier own, with a great catch in DEEP center off the bat of David Shoreman. Although Shoreman was robbed of at least a triple, he would later make up for it at the plate.

With both pitcher's battling through out the game, it wasn't until the bottom of the 6th. Rick Sotoropolous lead off the inning with a four pitch walk, which brought Shoreman to the plate. After taking a monstrous hack at an off speed pitch, he settled in, and drove the next pitch over the wall in left for a two-run job. Putting the Chiefs up 2-0 going into the 7th.

Lane would run into some trouble in the top have of the 7th. When Nate Bertolino led off the inning with a double. Lane would then walk a batter with two outs to have runners on 1st and 3rd but was able to get the final out without letting up a run.

The win puts the Chiefs at the .500 mark, with a record of 5-5-1. They travel to Essex Tuesday night.