Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Morning Playoff Picture

1. Manchester, 35pts, 1 game left.  Manchester has clinched first place and will host either Hamilton or Beverly in Game One of the Semi-Finals on Sunday.

2.  Rowley, 33pts, 0 games left.  Rowley has clinched second place and will host Rockport in Game One of the Semi-Finals on Monday.

3.  Rockport, 27pts, 2 games remaining.  Rockport has clinched third place and will face Rowley in the Semi-Finals.

4.  Hamilton, 21pts, 0 games remaining.  Hamilton makes the playoffs with a Beverly loss to Ipswich tonight.  If Beverly and Ipswich tie then Hamilton and Beverly would be forced to play a one game playoff for the final playoff spot.  A Beverly win would eliminate Hamilton.

5. Beverly, 20pts, 1 game remaining.  See above.  Beverly needs to beat or tie Ipswich to keep their season alive.

6.  Ipswich, 14pts, 1 game remaining.  Ipswich is eliminated but could play spoiler tonight.

7. Topsfield, 11pts, 1 game remaining.  Topsfield is eliminated.