Saturday, July 25, 2015

Playoff Picture in Final Week

The playoff picture is becoming clearer heading into the final week.

Manchester, 31pts with 3 games remaining.  Manchester has clinched a playoff spot and leads Rowley by 2 games for the #1 overall seed.

Rowley, 27pts with 3 games remaining.  Rowley has clinched a playoff spot.

Rockport, 23pts with 5 games remaining.  Rockport clinches a playoff spot with one more win.  They could clinch by taking one game in a doubleheader versus Topsfield on Sunday.

Beverly, 20pts with 2 games remaining.  Beverly is in fourth place but does not control its own destiny.  Beverly's Magic Number versus Hamilton is "3" meaning even if the Giants finish 2-0 they still need Hamilton to drop one of their remaining games this week.

Hamilton, 19pts with 3 games remaining.  Hamilton controls its own destiny and would clinch a playoff spot by beating Manchester twice and Rockport once.  Otherwise, they would need to get help from a Beverly loss or two.

Ipswich, 14pts with 3 games remaining.  If Ipswich wins out, and Hamilton and Beverly lose out, Ipswich could force a tie for 4th place.  So, their playoff hopes are alive, but just barely.

Topsfield, 9pts with 5 games remaining.  Topsfield is eliminated as they can only finish with 19 points if they win out.