Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday Playoff Picture

As of Wednesday morning three teams have clinched playoff spots while two have been eliminated.  That leaves Beverly and Hamilton to battle for the fourth and final playoff spot.

Manchester, 33pts with 2 games remaining.  Manchester has clinched a playoff spot.  They can clinch first place with at least one Win or Tie in their final two games.

Rowley, 31pts with 1 game remaining.  Rowley has clinched a playoff spot.  They have an outside shot at 1st Place as they hold the tiebreaker versus Manchester.

Rockport, 27pts with 3 games remaining.  Rockport has clinched a playoff spot.  They could force a two or three way tie for first but I don't believe they would win either tiebreaker.  They do have a shot at reaching 2nd Place and earning homefield advantage in the first round as they own the tiebreaker over Rowley.

Beverly, 20pts with 2 games remaining.  Beverly controls their own destiny and can clinch a playoff spot by beating Topsfield and Ipswich this week.  Their Magic Number versus Hamilton is "2".

Hamilton, 19pts with 2 games remaining.  Hamilton no longer controls its own destiny but can get in by beating Rockport and Manchester if Beverly drops one of their remaining two games.  Their Magic Number versus Beverly remains "3".

Ipswich, 14pts with 2 games remaining.  Ipswich is eliminated.

Topsfield, 9pts with 3 games remaining.  Topsfield is eliminated.