Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Morning Playoff Picture

1. Rowley, 33pts, 0 games left.  Rowley currently holds the #1 seed thanks to a tiebreaker edge over Manchester.  The two teams have the same amount of wins and split their season series against each other but Rowley scored more runs in those games.

2.  Manchester, 33pts, 2 games left.  Manchester can clinch the #1 seed with just one win or tie in their final two games.  However, the makeup game vs Rockport is not currently on the schedule and it looks questionable whether there will be time to play it.  Tonight's game at Hamilton may end up determining the #1 seed.

3.  Rockport, 27pts, 2 games left.  Rockport is locked into the #3 seed.

4.  Hamilton, 21pts, 1 game left.  Hamilton once again controls their own destiny after beating Rockport last night and seeing Beverly fall to Topsfield.  If Hamilton beats Manchester tonight, they clinch a playoff spot.  If they lose or tie they will need to see what happens in Friday's Beverly/Ipswich game.

5.  Beverly, 20pts, 1 game left.  Beverly needs Hamilton to lose or tie tonight to keep their playoff hopes alive.  A Hamilton loss combined with a Beverly win over Ipswich on Friday would put Beverly into the playoffs.  If the two teams finish tied somehow they will need to play a one game playoff on Saturday.

6.  Ipswich, 14pts, 1 game left.  Ipswich is eliminated, but could play spoiler Friday night.

7.  Topsfield, 11pts, 1 game left.  Topsfield is eliminated but successfully played spoiler last night.